Sustainable productivity for a better world.

At ABS we are not only concerned about today but the future as well. Conventional methods of pest eradication and management strategies have been linked to the cause of many deadly diseases in the world today. This is where we come in; By partnering with nature, pest and disease can be managed without compromising the yield of a productive farm. With our knowledge on pesticide management, we promote the use of selective, non-persistent chemicals. We continue to develop greener alternatives for agriculture with the safest pest management solutions on the planet. 

At ABS, we knew there was a better way. That’s why we developed greener alternatives for agriculture with the safest pest management solutions on the planet.

Consumers and regulatory agencies are continually working towards achieving food safety and a reduced impact on the environment, and we are no different from them. Through research and innovations, we can successfully manipulate the environment and insect behavior through the use of natural enemies, soft pesticides, and natural compounds such as pheromones to enhance crop production. We are incredibly passionate about what we do here at ABS, which is why we go the extra length to ensure that crops are highly safe for consumption by eliminating the dependence of pesticides.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a healthy, safe, and sustainable pest management by utilizing beneficial insects, beneficial microbial, semiochemical pest and physical management solutions.

What we do

We help growers and agro companies take proactive measures towards controlling pest and disease without the reliance of chemical pesticides thru Integrated Pest Management.

Why we do it

Once upon a time, we were equally, farmers. Having firsthand knowledge about how it works, we have been able to come up with these beneficial strategies to enhance crop growth and improve yield.

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Control Pest and Disease with Beneficial Insects

Each pest has specific characteristics which can vary greatly in terms of cultivation, region and season. Beneficial insects such as mites and wasps are used in the production of natural enemies to counter the effect of pest has on crops. It help growers to restore the natural balance in their crops for decades. Made to measure solutions and knowledge are the key to this success. 

This strategy are widely used throughout the horticultural industry and have dramatically reduced the use of agro-chemicals over the years. One of the greatest impact areas has been in tomato cultivation. The use of crop agrochemicals in this field has been decreased by 95%.

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Resilient Cultivation With Natugro

NatuGro system is made up of plant-specific substances, soil analysis, and biological microorganisms coupled with professional support. It is a high standard approach as it enriches the soil with necessary nutrients to keep the condition of the soil optimal and also maximize crop resilience. 

The combination of beneficial contributors like bacteria, fungi, nematodes, vitamins, pheromones and other natural enemies is applied to promote resilience of crops, and the environment to pest and disease. This application has greatly minimized the use of artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides across all aspects of cultivation. 

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Advancement of Semiochemicals

Semiochemicals are naturally-occurring chemicals that organisms (including insects and plants) emit that affect the behavior of other organisms. These semiochemicals communicate important information to insects – such as who to mate with, which plants to attack, and which plants to avoid. 

By using semiochemicals to our advantage, we can manipulate the behavior of insects by “tricking” them into doing what we want them to do – most notably, preventing them from procreating and deterring them from attacking crops.

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IPM Tools, Products and Accessories

The success of biological or integrated crop protection is greatly dependent on the time and manner in which it is applied. ABS is constantly introducing practical methods to make these applications as effective as possible. Over the years, our partner Koppert, has developed products that recognize pests at an early stage through (sticky) traps and signalling devices, so that natural enemies can be introduced in good time.